Multimedia Enhanced User Experience

Music and Speech enhanced slide show instructional web development projects
Intuitive Innovation

Information Documentation Automation The Web Page Experience
Our Spoken Tour demonstrating Multimedia Enhanced Web Page Slide Show techniques. Each page of the slide show has optional verbal instructions (as long as you have sound).


Multimedia Artestry Presentation World Music Connection
Educational and reference design programming of music artist presentation and entertainment business content.


Content StandizationHelp Desk and Technical Services Lab Intranet Sites
Samples of our highly technical, corporate documentation, and end user assistance programming. Many formats of business information tastefully presented.


Audition AutomationJambase Music Database
Hundreds of songs, themes, jingles, and animated multimedia files with personalized playlist creation. Created with shareware Macro. Custom playlists (with HTML code) confidentially emailed.


System SenseTeoVision
Another innovative and intuitive Web Development technique.


Music Channel PortalsMIDIMATIC
Continuous music channels. Portals of innovative artists' musical material. This JavaScript page was created with the shareware Macro.


Multimedia EnhancementsSeven Chakras
Standard Music and Auto Start Computer Multimedia CD ROM. Soothing imagery, enlightening information, healing music. Multimedia Slide Show with background MP3 files playing. Film Score quality music and engineering.


Edutainment Development Blippy
Our founder's web site with fun and useful internet and music multimedia help.

Intuitive Innovation
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