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Welcome to our Web Site / Slide Show / Presentation.

This site demonstrates our technique of enhancing web sites by adding background music, background speech, and automated slide show. These combined create a myriad of web page experiences.

This is an efficient web page programming technique that works on every web page viewing program and requires no JavaScript. It will not conflict with any plug in or JavaScript features that you may use and is completely error-free.

Play Icon in the Remote

When PLAY is on in the remote after 30 seconds you will be advanced to the next page. You can also click to turn Music or Speech on for consecutive songs or a site tour with spoken descriptions.

If your web browser can play MP3 files as background sounds click here to choose the MP3 version of this site, otherwise click here for the AIF version, the default. MP3 files are faster and better quality, AIF files work on every platform but are larger, longer to download, and much lower quality.

Give us just a few minutes, watch the spoken slide show and you will see that we have designed an innovative method of creating a new and exciting web page experience.

If you go to a page and before the background sound is completely loaded go to another page, when you return you will only get part of the sound. The only known solution is to clear your browser's cache then let the sound load completely.
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